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Don't forget your plant friends. Unless you are growing plants that like a little neglect (and there really are very few plants like this), chances are you will need to care for your plants if you are gone for more than a day or so. But how to do this?

  • Drip irrigation with a timer. This is the most expensive way to ensure that your outdoor plants are watered but also the most dependable and precise.
  • Ask a friend. This is the least expensive (money-wise), but maybe the best if you have an assortment of plants of different types. If you have houseplants, see if you can bring them to their home so they can watch over them.
  • Soaker hoses with a timer are a great way to slowly and deeply water your established plants.
  • There are other devices, such as attaching a hose to a rain barrel or turning soda bottles into drip systems. These may work for short trips, but it may not be enough water for a lot of plants.

Keep in mind that plants in containers dry out more quickly, so you may need to give them extra attention. Also, consider moving your indoor plants to areas that won't contribute to drying out, such as vents and bright sunny windows.

Before a short trip, consider watering thoroughly and mulching to keep evaporation to a minimum.



(Yes, that's Donna with Junkoh and Chris Harui)

Sixty-six years ago, Junkoh and Chris Harui opened a flower shop in Winslow in a space next to Town and Country Market. Since then, a lot of the business has changed: expansions, changing locations, a new/old name, a Pumpkin Walk...

But what hasn't changed is our love of plants, our customers, and the Bainbridge Island community. (One of the things that we didn't expect sixty-six years ago was how many customers off of Bainbridge Island visit Bainbridge Gardens.)

Thank you for keeping us going all these years. It's been quite a ride especially in the last five years, and we are beyond grateful that people still like to plant flowers, appreciate trees, and grow food.


Did you know that one out of every three foods we eat rely on pollinators. Pollinators fertilize flowers, which then produce seeds, which you can find buried in that apple you eat or on the outside of the strawberry that you pick. In the non-edible world, pollinators help maintain a thriving ecosystem by continuing plant species and adding biodiversity.

As you garden, think about what you are doing in your garden to encourage bees, birds, and butterflies. And also to ensure that we aren't doing to anything detrimental to our flying and buzzing friends.

  • Create a pollinator-friendly environment in your backyard. Plant flowers that encourage bees and birds, like asters, coneflowers, lavender, sunflowers, yarrow, etc. Have water dishes in a safe place for pollinators to get a drink.
  • Check the labels of any insecticide, herbicide, or fungicide that you use. Be aware of spraying where the bees are and minimizing spray drift.
  • Take care of the environment. Climate change not only affects humans.
  • Come on in to pick up our list of pollinator friendly plants.

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Face masks are optional throughout the nursery. We ask that if you are feeling ill and cannot wear a mask, please stay home and call us to arrange a contact-free delivery or curbside pickup. We continue to accept orders over the phone or by emailing us, but please note that these orders take 24-48 hours to fulfill.

Bainbridge Gardens is...

...a family-owned garden center located on a historic site on beautiful Bainbridge Island. Our six-acre nursery is well-stocked with large trees, native plants, unusual varieties of shrubs, bonsai, seasonal color, pots and garden art. We also have one of best selections of houseplants in the area. With plenty of parking and an extensive gift shop, Bainbridge Gardens is a popular spot for Islanders and out-of-town guests.