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Arbor Day Sale (all of April)

All trees are 30% off. While supplies last. No free deliveries.

Time For Tomatoes - Many are coming in! Here's what we have this week. Click here!



National Arbor Day is the last Friday in April. Arbor Day in Washington state is the second Wednesday in April. Arbor Day may be different in other states. Different countries celebrate their version of Arbor Day in different months, depending on the best time to plant trees.

The mission of Arbor Day is to encourage people to plant trees. But why should we do that? Many reasons. Trees provide beauty, shade, and privacy. They clean the air and cool down cities. They create a habitat for birds, animals, and other creatures.

Frankly, we think that Arbor Day should be every day.

So to celebrate Arbor Day or Arbor Month or whatever, we have a big sale on trees going on right now. All trees are 30% off during the month of April.

Need more encouragement? Here are a few trees (of many) that we are fond of this year:

Japanese Maple 'First Flame' (Acer Palmatum) - First Flame (picture above) is named because the spring growth is fiery orange-red, then the leaves turn a coppery-green in the summer, and then back to orange in the fall.

Katsura 'Claim Jumper' (Cercidiphyllum japonica) - The Claim Jumper Katsura is great for areas of the garden that are naturally moist. This is an unusual variety because the foliage is golden, unless the green-leafed species.

Japanese Cedar 'Sekkan Sugi' (Cryptomeria japonica) - The Sekkan Sugi stays chartreuse to gold year round stays columnar even though it can grow to 20 plus feet tall.

Dove Tree 'Sonoma' (Davidia involucrata) - The Sonoma Dove Tree has flower petals that look like dove's wings or handkerchiefs, which is why it's also called a Handkerchief Tree.

Serviceberry 'Autumn Brilliance' (Amelanchier x grandiflora) - The Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry has small blue berries that provide food for songbirds, like Cedar Waxwings. They also bloom eraly in the spring and have orange fall color.


Now that Spring is in full swing, the nursery is filling up quickly. Trucks are coming in almost daily, and frankly, we're looking for places to put things. Hopefully, they will make it into your shopping cart soon.

Anyway, during this busy time, we'll try to keep you informed of what's coming through the gate, both in this column and in the What's New link in the menu above. Also, you'll see our weekly posts on Facebook and highlights on Instagram.

So without further ado, what's new?

  • Indoor plants - Lisa has been receiving indoor plants about every other week. Is there a hard-to-find plant that you are seeking? Let Lisa know and she'll try to hunt it down for you.
  • Veggies - Shipments every week. Cool season veggies (lettuce, radishes, beets, etc.) can be planted now. Potaoes are in. Onions, asperagus, garlic, leeks are in and going quickly. By the way, potatoes, onions, and asparagus are 30% off. We're making room for the tomatoes...
  • By the way, have your kids try planting a potato. It's very easy, with a high rate of success, and you can do here at Bainbridge Gardens. We have the pot, the soil, and the potatoes. You supply the kids. You can pot up one in a hemp seed bag for $7.99 or a larger peat pot for $20.
  • Flowering annuals are showing up: sweet peas, poppies, penstemon, alyssum, etc. Geraniums, begonias, fuchsias and other warm season flowers are starting to show up.
  • Roses are here!
  • Ornamentals - Rhododendrons have come in. Bamboo, maples, natives, pollinators, and conifers have arrived recently.
  • Decor and housewares - Mother's Day cards are here (yes, it's that time). Spring colors. Cottage blue and white collection, handmade fused glass mushrooms, and soothing indoor water features are on display.


Spring is here. Yeah, the nights are still a little chilly, but it's time to get your garden going

  • Get your veggie garden going. Cold season veggies can be planted now, but warmer season veggies, such as tomatoes, will require some protection against the cold. Onions and potatoes should be planted now.
  • After the winter rains, which leach out nutrients and helpful humus, adding some compost will get your soil in shape.
  • Color is back! Plant colorful annuals or perennials or make a Spring-y container for your patio. We also have some colorful planted containers if you need instant gratification. Colorful hanging baskets will be arriving soon.
  • You can still plant fruit trees. We still have some apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches, and other fruit trees.
  • Oh and berries too. Marshall strawberries have just come in. Get them before we run out.

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Face masks are optional throughout the nursery. We ask that if you are feeling ill and cannot wear a mask, please stay home and call us to arrange a contact-free delivery or curbside pickup. We continue to accept orders over the phone or by emailing us, but please note that these orders take 24-48 hours to fulfill.

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