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Tomatoes for 2024

Last update: 5/01/24


Tomatoes are very popular, so this list may not reflect the current stock on hand. Note that tomatoes should only be planted outside when the nighttime temperature is 50 degrees or more.

In the list below, you will see that some tomatoes are determinate and some are indeterminate.
Indeterminate tomatoes will grow and produce fruit throughout the growing season. Because they can be quite tall they will require staking or caging.
Determinate tomatoes stop growing once they reach a certain size. Generally, they produce fruit all at once, which is helpful if you preserve your tomatoes. They are better for containers or smaller spaces. Note that you may still need to stake them if the fruit is abundant or heavy.
Red Slicers
BeefsteakKnown for its size.
BrandywineLarge, pink, delicious. 85 day. Indeterminate.
Cosmonaut VolkovDelicious heirloom red slicing tomato from the Ukraine. Named for a famous Soviet astronaut. 65 day indeterminate.
Costoluto GenoveseFluted, old Italian variety with some blight resistance. 75 day. Indeterminate.
Early Girl4oz slicer with good flavor. 60 days. Indeterminate.
First Lady IIImproved 'Early Girl'. 6oz fruit. Disease resistant. 52 day. Indeterminate.
MatinaHeirloom 4oz apple-shaped red fruit ripen early, even with cool PNW nights. Indeterminate.
MoskvichExtra-early Russian heirloom. 60 day. Indeterminate.
Super FantasticMeaty 10oz fruit. High yields all summer. Indeterminate.
StupiceCzech heirloom. Great taste and production. 55 day. Indeterminate.
Black KrimLarge dark brown fruit. 80 day indeterminate from Russia. Heirloom.
Black Sea ManRussian heirloom. 8 oz. Fruit. 75 day determinate.
CarbonDark purple 8-12oz exceptionally sweet fruit. 80 day. Indeterminate.
Cherokee PurpleDelicious, dark purple shoulders. 75 day. Indeterminate.
Japanese Black TrifelePear-shaped 6 oz. fruits. Prolific and tasty. Potato-leaved plants. 80 day indeterminate.
Pruden's PurpleLarge to very large fruit, flattended and smooth. Vivid dark pink skin with crimson flesh. Medium tall, potato-leaf plants. 75 day indeterminate.
Green ZebraLight green with gold stripes. Tastes like a red tomato when ripe. 75 day Semi-determ.
Langley's Silver TigerFascinating fuzzy white hairs give these plants a silver appearance. Fruits are striped orange and red. 2-4oz. 72 day. Indeterminate.
Pink Berkeley Tie-DyeDark pink with green stripes. Pink flesh with yellow streaks, sweet and complex flavor. Juicy and productive. Compact. 72 day. Indeterminate.
Striped GermanLarge red, orange, and yellow striped. Juicy. 78 day Indeterminate.
TigerellaOrange and yellow striped. 65 day Indeterminate.
AzoychkaRussian heirloom. Small yellow beefsteak - 8 oz fruit. Indeter. 79 day.
Jaune FlammeOrange 2" fruit, borne early, on trusses. Indeter. 75 day. Fruity taste-like sungold
ValenciaRound, smooth fruits avg 8-10oz. Meaty interiors with few seeds. 75 day. Indeter.
Yellow PerfectionMedium sizes fruit. Heirloom. 75 days. Indeter.
Patio Cherry
Gold NuggetOSU hybrid, extra early golden fruit. 55 day. Determinate
Red RobinMicro dwarf 8-12 inch tall plant. Good flavor with a touch of sweetness. 55 day Determinate.
Patio Slicers
Big BrandyCross of Brandywine and Big Dwarf. 12-15 oz, with distinctive, deeply pleated fruit. Juicy, sweet, and balanced with a touch of acid. 75 day. Semi determinate.
Oregon Spring75 day. Determinate. 4 inch red fruit. Great yield.
Patio Roma - Compact
Martino's RomaHeavy producer of 2-3oz red fruit. Great for sauce. 75 day. Determinate
RomaHybrid with disease resistance. 75 day. Determinate
San MarzanoHeirloom, large fruit. 80 day. Indeterminate.
Viva ItaliaOutstanding flavor, abdundant harvest. From Italy. 85 day. Determinate.
Roma Types - Indeterminate
AmishHeirloom, large-fruit. 75 day. Indeterminate.
Cherry RomaRed, plum-shaped 1 inch fruit. Heirloom. 75 day. Indeterminate.
Glacier2-3 oz fruit. Earliest we've seen at 45 day. Semi-determinate.
Principe BorgheseItalian heirloom bred for drying. 70 day. Determinate.
Cherry and Grape Tomatoes
Black CherryThe first truly black cherry tomato. Sweet and rich flavor. Plant with ‘Snow White’ cherry tomato for a great color combo. 67 days. Indeterminate.
Chocolate CherryWow! Extremely flavorful , 1" diameter fruits of a dark maroon color are everybody’s new favorite tomato. 70 day, indeterminate best planted in full sun.
JulietTwice as large as the usual 'Grape' tomato. Very productive, 60 day indeterminate.
Matt’s Wild CherryRampant vine, prolific producer. 65 day. Indeterminate.
Reisentraube'Cluster of grapes' German variety, Red cherry fruit, 75 day. indeterminate.
Sugar LumpA.K.A. Gardener’s Delight 68 day Indeterminate.
SungoldMost popular tomato we sell. Prolific hybrid, sweet orange fruit. 65 day Semi-deter.
Sun Sugar62 day indeterminate. Sweet and fruity. Very productive.
Sweet 100Very popular, very productive. 65 day indeterminate.
Sweet MillionProlific, sweet, popular. 65 day. Indeterminate.
Yellow PearPear-shaped heirloom. 70 day. Indeterminate.

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