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Garden To-Do List for Summer

  • Time for basil!  Plant your hot season crops including as squash, cucumbers, corn, and beans.
  • Water wisely.  Water in the morning to conserve water and help prevent fungal diseases on plants. Pick up a copy of our free watering handout. Also, we can help you set up a drip irrigation system.
  • Let good bugs get rid of bad ones.  We have ladybugs, praying mantises, lacewings, and nematodes.
  • Scatter mosquito granules into birdbaths and water features to control mosquitoes.
  • Bait for slugs.
  • Plant summer annuals wherever your garden needs a pop of bright color.
  • Choose a sturdy cedar Adirondack chair and read a good book.
  • Start a nature project with the kids.  We have insect keepers, garden crafts and backyard science kits.

Call us if you have any questions, want to make a phone order, or have a special request: 206-842-5888

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 Monday through Saturday:
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Closed Easter Sunday, July 4, Thanksgiving,
December 25 & 31, January 1.

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