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Peppers for 2024

Last update: 5/01/24


This list may not reflect the current stock on hand. Note that peppers should only be planted outside when the nighttime temperature is 50 degrees or more.

Bell Peppers
Cajun BelleSweet 2-3 in fruits with a touch of heat. Compact. Suitable for containers.
Early SunsationGolden bell pepper
Jingle BellsSweet mini bell pepper, green matures to red.
Orange SunSweet, thick 4-5in bell pepper. Good fresh.
Red BeautyVery sweet red bell pepper. Heavy yielder.
Shishito Peppers
Mellow StarShishito-type snacking pepper. Deeply wrinkled fruits are typically used in stir fries and tempura or pan fried with a touch of oil and soy sauce.
ShishimaiNew! Spicier than a traditional Shishito. Medium-green, wrinkled.
ShishitoPopular in Japan for tempura and grilled vegetable platters. 3in long, shiny, green sweet peppers. The plant has a spreading habit. Heirloom.
Sweet Peppers
Cherry Sweet PimentoSweet, turns from green to red. Great sweet pepper for pickling.
Corno di Torro – RedBull's Horn' pepper. 8-10 in long sweet, bright red fruits. Heirloom.
Corno di Torro – YellowBull's Horn' pepper. 8-10 in long sweet, bright yellow fruits. Delicious fresh in salads as well as grilled in Italian sandwiches. Heirloom.
Gatherer's GoldGolden sweet Italian frying pepper.
Hungarian RoundGreat for stuffing.
Italian PepperonciniItalian pepper for pickling. 5in long fruit.
Jimmy Nardello’sHeirloom. Glossy red, 10in long, very sweet frying peppers. From the Basilicata region in Italy. Brought to the U.S. in 1887 by the Nardello family.
Lipstick1 1/2-2in at top tapered 4in long, red sweet pepper.
Lively Italian Sweet YellowStunningly sweet, long golden yellow fruits.
Mad HatterAward winner. 3-sided shape and citrusy sweet flavor.
MelroseRoast or grill. From Garden Fever! in Portland. Italian Heirloom.
PrismSweet midi bell matures from light green to orange to red. Can be harvested at all stages for a multi-colored mix.
Sweet BananaGood for frying. Heirloom.
Hot Peppers
Aji CristalNative to Curico, Chile. Harvest under-ripe for best flavor. Light yellow-green fruit is citrusy, but very hot. Peppers also are tasty when fully ripened to an orange-red.
AmazingTraditional Korean pepper, typically dried and ground into red chile powder.
Anaheim ChiliA bit spicy. For frying and grilling, or stuffing.
AnchoKnown as 'Poblano' as a fresh pepper and 'Ancho' once dried. Heat increases when dried.
Bolivian RainbowSmall, very hot. Purple foliage and flowers, bears fruit in a rainbow of colors.
Bulgarian Carrot ChileBright orange, carrot-shaped, hot, fruity. Great for our climate. Rare. Heirloom.
CayenneRed, long, thin. Quite productive. Good dried. Heirloom.
Ghost'Bhut Jolokia' At one point held the record for the world's hottest chili pepper, rated at 1,000,000 Scoville heat units.
HabaneroVery hot and flavorful. 1-1/2in fruit matures to bright orange.
Habanero - RedRed version of Habanero. Heirloom.
Hot Banana6in long banana-shaped. Yellow turning to red.
Hungarian Yellow WaxGreat for pickling or salsa.
Early JalapenoEarly Jalapeno variety. Salsa!
Machu PicchuOriginates from Peru. Rich brown when mature, Fruits taste slightly smoky in flavor with medium heat.
Pimento di PadroneSome are hot, some are not (if picked green – all hot when red!) Heirloom.
SerranoIndispensable for spicy cooking. Heirloom.
Tepin ChiltepinHeirloom. Tiny, round or oval shaped chili pepper.
Thai DragonShort red fruit. Great for drying.

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