Winter in Spring

Did we get hail and snow on April 6! And 50 degrees and sunshine on April 8! The peach trees and apricot trees are in full bloom and the mason bees should be out pollenating the blossoms. They need 50-degree temperatures to emerge from their tubes. We’ll see if they can get around to pollenating in time. We won’t know until we see the fruit set later this year.

The pea plants are ok though. They are just growing slowly. I need to get some pea poles in place so they have something to climb on. And I’m giving them liquid fertilizer.

I’d better plant my potatoes now. My soil drains well where I’m going to put the potatoes so I’ll dig a foot-deep trench, put in the potatoes and cover with soil. When they get up to about six inches, I’ll cover the lower 3 inches with more soil.

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