Cold Peas

Last year and this year are the only times when the forsythia by my kitchen window didn’t bloom by March 4. We moved here 51 years ago and the yellow blossoms were a consistent sign that spring was coming. This is a colder start to the year again.

I started my peas indoors in a tray of potting soil. My south-facing window usually works wonders and sprouts the pea seeds quickly, but because of the grey skies, they haven’t sprouted as quickly this year. It is cooler even in the house.

I’m going to plant some spinach seeds in the ground and cover with row cover. I try to space the seeds about a foot apart, but I don’t make rows, I just spread the seeds out over an area.

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  1. I think you are right about spreading the seeds out in an area. There is not so much wasted space that way. Have you ever looked into companion gardening? I wonder what vegetable grows well alongside the peas for the best productivity.

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