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From Plums to Peaches

Friday, August 12th, 2011

All the plums on the tree are now gone. They are the earliest ripening fruit tree and are delicious. Just ask the raccoons. They got about half of them. Next is the frost peaches. Looks like the raccoons will fight me for those too.

The bush beans are flowering. The pole beans are getting ready to flower.

I’ve been eating SunGold tomatoes which are ripening now when the sun shines.

Plum Job

Friday, August 5th, 2011

My plum tree, an “Imperial Epeneuse” has about 50 plums that are ripening more and more every day. A raccoon found out and tried to get some and broke a branch. I set up a “deer scare” that shoots out water on a motion detector, and a second branch got broken. I guess he’s coming in over the fence. It sure is a battle. I can’t pick the plums too soon or they won’t ripen. My grandson likes the plums so I’m trying to save as many for him as I can.