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Grow Peas, Grow!

Friday, March 25th, 2011

I’ve been watering my peas every other day. I’ve put out Sluggo Plus because something is eating the ends of the leaves. Sluggo Plus seems to work better against beetles and things that aren’t slugs.

The warm weather warmed up the soil. I cover the peas with row cover because the nights are still cold.

I set up my Mason Bee houses because the pear and plum trees are flowering. I stored them in a corner of my deck and now I’m hanging them on the south-facing wall. A few more days of warm sun, and they should wake up and come tumbling out.

Hello? Spring? Are you out there?

Friday, March 18th, 2011

We’ve had such heavy downpours this week that it flattened and compacted the garden bed I’d prepared. I’ll have to dig and rake it again. I’m going to incorporate bone meal and 5-5-5 fertilizer into the bed. Then I’ll plant my peas that spent the week on the deck under shelter getting hardened up.

I think I’d better re-seed the spinach. They are not coming up. Maybe too much cold and wet for the first batch.

I’m going to start lettuce for salads in a bowl in the portable greenhouse.

It is almost Spring. Hopefully the rains will back off a little.

Peas Up!

Friday, March 11th, 2011

My peas are about 2″ tall in their tray in the kitchen where they sprouted. I’m going to put the tray out on the deck under the covered section and also cover them with row cover for a week so they can harden up, then I’ll plant them in the garden.

I gotta get going on pruning. I’m falling behind. I’m going to feed the roses with alfalfa meal and rose fertilizer. I have some that look like they died, so that’s a good opportunity to replace them with a new rose variety.

Cold Peas

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Last year and this year are the only times when the forsythia by my kitchen window didn’t bloom by March 4. We moved here 51 years ago and the yellow blossoms were a consistent sign that spring was coming. This is a colder start to the year again.

I started my peas indoors in a tray of potting soil. My south-facing window usually works wonders and sprouts the pea seeds quickly, but because of the grey skies, they haven’t sprouted as quickly this year. It is cooler even in the house.

I’m going to plant some spinach seeds in the ground and cover with row cover. I try to space the seeds about a foot apart, but I don’t make rows, I just spread the seeds out over an area.