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Turning Over The Garden

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

I was turning over the soil in my garden. The soil looks rich and loamy and I have lots of earthworms.

Time to start planning crop rotation for next year.

One lesson I learned this year: with our short seasons, no matter how cool the spring is you gotta plant them according to the calendar and not wait for the weather to get warmer. I’ll just cover with row cover so they stay warm. This year I waited for warmer weather and everything got ripe later but some didn’t make it before things got cold again.

Bean Pull

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The beans are pretty much done. I’m going to pull up the plants and dig them into the soil where they were. They’ll compost there and enrich the soil.

I’m getting some blight on the tomatoes so I’m going to pull infected leaves and fruit and put them in a trash bag that goes to the garbage dump (not the compost pile) and remember not to plant tomatoes there next year.

This weekend I’m going to put some tulips and daffodils in pots and bury the pots in the ground. Next spring they’ll bloom and I’ll dig up the pots and put them in the larger containers on the deck. Then when the bulbs finish blooming, I’ll remove the pots and put annuals in the containers.

Pumpkin Time!

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Not going to get much gardening done this weekend. The Bainbridge Gardens Pumpkin Walk is this weekend and I’ll be there making sure everybody is having a good time. The event benefits the Boys & Girls Club. See the Bainbridge Gardens web site for more details.

End of the Tomatoes

Friday, October 8th, 2010

I got about 2 cups of SunGold tomatoes this week. But the end is coming. With the rain coming this weekend and the weather cooling, it is time to start shutting things down. I’m picking any tomatoes with color and putting them on the window sill to ripen.

I picked a few small Crookneck squash, but the plants are pretty much done.

I’ll pick the last of the green peppers, then bury the plants under the soil so they compost in place. I’ll seed the area with red clover as a “cover crop”. It will grow during the winter then I’ll plow it into the soil next spring and it will be “green manure” that improves the soil.

Fall Harvest

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Three days of good sunshine and weather in the low 70’s. My red cabbage and Swiss Chard under the row cover are doing well. No heads on the cabbage yet, but they are making progress.

The crookneck squash are getting powdery mildew. I’ve forgotten to dig up my potatoes. Maybe I’ll get to that this weekend.

It is fall and things are slowing down. I don’t have to water as much, but I am still weeding and loosening up the soil.

My tomatoes are still producing. I’ve managed to avoid the ‘late blight’ that has stricken other people I know that causes the branches to fall.

I did get some peppers. I ate a stuffed green pepper the other night. I got a black one and even a jalapeno.