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In The Pink With Tomatoes

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Finally my large tomatoes are showing a little pink. I’m going to pick them off and finish ripening them on the window sill. And that way, the plant’s energy will be directed towards the remaining green ones.

My red cabbage and swiss chard is coming along fine under the row cover. Some slugs got in under the row cover, but I got them with Sluggo.

I decided the eggplants were not going to get any larger so I rounded them up and had I nice meal of fried eggplants.

I’m still getting crookneck squash. I hope this nice September weather continues.

Oldies and Moldies

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Well, I guess the large green tomatoes aren’t going to ripen. Thank god for the SunGolds. I have plenty of them. We just need some more sun.

My current task in the garden is to cut off any old or moldy or rotten leaves or other material. If it touches the parts you want to eat those parts will go bad.

Green Tomatoes

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Here it is the beginning of September, and my salad tomatoes are still green. And some are even rotting even though they are green. The SunGolds are doing fine though.

I’ve got a lot of ripe Crookneck Squash. They’re coming out as fast as zuchinni. I’m going to start giving them away. I’m not that big a fan.

Topping the Tomatoes

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I’ve got lots of ripe SunGold tomatoes. I already shared about two cups of them and lots more are on the vine. They taste sweet and juicy.

Among the bigger tomatoes, “Dona” has lots of green tomatoes and one is finally starting to turn color. This is September, so I’m going to prune the tops of all of the big tomatoes, removing the remaining blossoms so the plant’s energy goes to enlarging and ripening the green ones.

This is such a weird summer. My green beans are flowering and producing a second crop! My green peppers and eggplants aren’t doing well and may not make it.