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Cool Spring

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Thanks to using the floating row cover, my beets and bush beans I started from seed are coming up. Is this one of the coolest springs we’ve ever had? It sure feels like it.

We should normally get everything planted by Memorial Day. But this year, I’m going to wait on zucchini, squash and pumpkins for another week.

This weekend I am going to plant cucumbers under the row cover. They are so touchy. If it isn’t warm enough for them they shrink and die instead of grow. I’ll keep the row cover on until they flower then remove the cover so the bees can pollinate them.

Flowers On My Peas

Friday, May 21st, 2010

My peas are flowering. They’re about 3′ tall. Pretty good given the weather and the fact that a raccoon broke some of the strings holding them up.

Some of my strawberries are turning red too.
Can’t wait for those!

With all of the recent rain, this weekend I’m going to loosen the soil around the plants and add some fertilizer.

I’m also going to start Basil from seeds in my house.

Has Beans

Friday, May 14th, 2010

This weekend I am planting beans. I’ll put in a row of bush beans. I’ll put the bean seeds right into the soil. I put two beans together in a hole with some 5-5-5 fertilizer, then put two more beans in another hole about 8 inches from the others and so on.

The soil is warming up with this nice weather so I’ll also plant some cucumbers from starts. I’ll cover them with row cover as well for about two weeks to keep them snug and warm.

I may also put in some butternut squash as well. I think I’ll wait on pumpkins for a bit though.

Tomato, Tomahto

Friday, May 7th, 2010

I have some tomato plants that have been hardening up under the sheltered part of my deck. You are taking a risk if you take one of the tomatoes from the greenhouse direct to the garden in case we get another cold snap.

And just to be sure my tomatoes are safe from the cold I will cover them with row cover as well. I really think row cover was designed for our cool northwest spring weather.

I may also get time to put bean seeds in the ground. And then there’s weeds. Always more weeds to pull.