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Bainbridge Gardens Today

Junkoh Harui, one of Zenhichi's sons, has had his own nursery business for over forty years on Bainbridge Island. In 1989, he decided to redevelop Bainbridge Gardens. In the process of restoring the original gardens, Junkoh has been able to recapture the beauty of many of the magnificent plants that his father had planted, such as the aged Japanese red pine trees that the elder Mr. Harui started from seeds brought over from Japan.
The Harui Memorial Garden features an old pear tree that Zenhichi Harui grafted into an exquisite pear-shaped topiary. There are several old bonsai pines in the Garden and an old wisteria that trails over a bamboo trellis - all treasured plants of Mr. Harui.

Bainbridge Gardens honors its history and looks toward the future.  Through a program called "Going Green," Bainbridge Gardens leads other garden centers in teaching consumers natural and organic methods of caring for their gardens.  Bainbridge Gardens does not use or sell chemicals that may harm our environment, and continues to research alternatives that strive to protect our earth and community.

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You can enjoy a cup of espresso, snacks and lunches at our on-site cafe and shop among our wide selection of quality specimens and unusual trees and shrubs,

Bainbridge Gardens Today

perennials, bonsai, garden statuary, and other garden-oriented items to complement your home. Junkoh and his friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you, and make your visit to Bainbridge Gardens a memorable experience.